K-Life Ministries

About K-Life

K-Life is a youth ministry focused on mentoring, coaching and discipling today's teenagers. K-Life began as a follow-up ministry to campers from Kanakuk Kamps, and our relationship with Kanakuk continues to be an important part of both our vision and our heritage. In addition to sharing a common philosophy and vision, many of our K-Life staff serve at Kanakuk Kamps during the summer. During the school year, kids from every walk of life - including tons of kids who have never been to Kanakuk - are involved in K-Life programs and small groups. K-Life exists for any and all kids in the community.

K-Life works on a community-wide scale, networking kids from different churches and kids without a church affiliation. Our model of ministry uses evangelism, discipleship, and fellowship to minister to middle school, junior high, and high school students, as well as their families. There are three "levels" to our model of ministry:

  • Level 1: One to Many - Spiritual Exposure
    "One to Many" is the more visible component to our ministry. This component includes our weekly clubs – which are high energy meetings that consist of worship, games, skits and talks that contain a lesson with a relevant life application from the Bible. This level also includes a variety of fun events and weekend activities that kids can participate in.
  • Level 2: One to Few - Spiritual Knowledge
    The heartbeat of our ministry is relationships. We believe the best way for those relationships to be built takes place in a small group setting. These small groups meet weekly with K-Life staff or volunteer leaders to grow in their knowledge of the Word and to learn how to deepen their personal relationship with Christ.
  • Level 3: One to One - Spiritual Influence
    Our goal is for all small group leaders to spend time with their kids outside of small groups, deepening those relationships and creating more opportunities to speak truth in their lives. We encourage leaders to spend time with kids one-on-one and on their level.